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Floor Covers

Building Floor Expansion Joint Cover, Parking Floor Expansion Joint Cover, Aluminum Floor Expansion Joint Cover

Omax offers a wide range of Building Floor Expansion Joint Covers such as rubber floor expansion joint, seismic marble floor expansion joint and Aluminum Floor Expansion Joint Cover. We are a global producer of high-performance building products in the categories of joint covers for expansion. To match a range of design considerations, the floor structures are supplied with stainless steel, aluminium, or solid brass construction. We also present a comprehensive collection of Parking Floor Expansion Joint Cover Plates with the assistance of a skillful team. Our products are offered in a range of specifications satisfying the demand of the customer. 

Floor Expansion Joint Cover Plates

In the design and development of world-class expansion and seismic joint cover schemes, Omax's professional team leads the way. By delivering quality materials, advanced technologies, and efficient service and support, our credibility has been established. For floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs, we deliver the greatest range of premium joint cover items. For multifaceted thermal and seismic motions, fire protection, and advanced design requirements, our expansion joint covers provide validated results. And our dedication to quality inspection means that our applications conform to existing standards and specification specifications or meet them. We understand perfect quality and genuinely want to collaborate and build the potential hand in hand with domestic and international mates.


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