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Roof Covers

Aluminum Roof Expansion Joint Cover

Suzhou Omax Building Materials Co. Ltd is able to customize all forms of Roof Expansion Joint Cover such as Aluminium Roof Expansion Joint Cover. Under various requirements and standards with our own factory facility, the aluminium profile extrudes line. Composed of extruded aluminium materials, the aluminium roof covers are built for seismic applications and guarantee water - tight connection where external wall seals are mounted. To ensure watertight outcomes, the system is available with customized, factory-made transfers. 

Our all aluminium roof expansion joint covers come with a water barrier as usual and top seal gaskets for the roof cover's centre plate screw. Both roof to roof and roof-to-wall covers are provided with 1 splice plate per complete length to ensure water tightening for deployment over the joint between 2 plates. The roof expansion joint covers are supplied as normal in mill finish aluminium, but they can be paint coated or anodized effectively to harmonize with the surrounding finishes.

We are a team of highly skilled, driven and personable experts in the area of consumer and technical support. We will tailor joint covers for you for every expansion. Our aluminium extrusion lines, lasing cutting machines, CNC bending machines still allow us to produce high quality and timely expansion joint covers. So what are you waiting for? Book now and get exciting deals!


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