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Wall*Ceiling Covers

High Quality Interior Wall Expansion Joint Cover, Custom Interior Wall Expansion Joint Cover

With discreet styles, our high quality interior wall expansion joint cover offers simple access to horizontal locations. Every form of construction movement, including wind motion for high rise buildings, construction relocation for existing and new structures, a seismic movement for earthquake-prone areas, and regular thermal movement, is ideal for our cover range. At Omax, Expansion joint cover for walls & ceilings is mainly made ​​of aluminium sheet, a durable and reliable choice always.

Suzhou Omax Building Materials Co. Ltd manufactures Custom Interior Wall Extension Joint Covers, designed to optimize longevity and to coordinate aesthetically. In order to fulfill your particular project needs, these are custom made pieces normally created by us. When it comes to the joint cover range for an extension, you're never alone. We've got you protected with sizing manuals, waterproofing, fire barriers, movement of the building, and more.

We recognize that each project has its own unique movement specifications, and that your project may not be appropriate for one of our typical designs. We have a team of expert professionals who will collaborate with you to develop a custom cover that fits the unique specifications of your project. So what are you waiting for? We are just a call or text away! 


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