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Expansion Joint Covers

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Suzhou Omax Building Materials Co. Ltd specializes in the design, production and construction of joint building expansion systems for floors, walls, ceilings and roofs. We are the best Expansion Joint Cover Supplier offering you a full range of products which include aluminium expansions joint cover, rubber floor expansion joint cover, Seismic marble floor expansion joint cover, expansion joint plate cover and so on.  We also deal in durable and the best seller Exterior Expansion Joint Covers Online. As one of the industry's renowned businesses, we are interested in selling a high-quality range of Aluminium Floor Expansion Joints.

Exterior Wall Expansion Joint Covers

We are China based leading and reliable Building Expansion Joint Manufacturers. In a commercial building, Suzhou Omax Building Materials has been responsible for almost every major expansion joint cover plate breakthrough and can be seen on several significant projects. We have taken part in many global building and construction projects around the world and have a lot of strong collaboration with clients from Asia, Europe, and Africa, etc. Our joints are constructed of components that strictly adhere to global norms. We assume that the soul of our industry is consistency. Our joint covers are accessible regardless of your project and can be produced to any width or necessary joint movement.


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